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The Water Loving Garden

The Water Loving Garden

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Our Water Loving Garden is made up of plants that love moist soil. These are not bog plants, but they are plants that are perfect for an area that does not dry out. Plant them under a drain pipe, next to a pond, or in an area that otherwise does not drain well. Scroll down to learn more about individual plants and their unique properties.

Plants are suitable for zones 5-9. Plant in full sun to part shade in moist to average soil.

Your order will include: 11 carefully selected perennials (3 of the same variety to provide immediate impact through repetition + 8 single varieties), detailed PDF plans, and planting instructions. One collection will cover a 15-20 square foot area. Order multiple collections to cover larger areas.

We reserve the right to replace plants with suitable, similar plants if the exact plants listed are not available at the time of shipping. Please make a note at check out if this is not acceptable.

The majority of plants will ship in 1 Gallon pots. Occasionally, we may send 4" or 6" pots, depending on availability.

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