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Meconopsis cambrica

Meconopsis cambrica

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The genus Meconopsis is very closely related to Papaver (poppy), but plants are far more beautiful - think of the famous Himalayan blue poppy! They can also be far more difficult to grow. Most of these plants come from the Himalayas and have very specific cultural requirements: protect from wind; keep cool and moist in summer; grow in humus-rich, moist-but-well-drained, lime-free soil in part shade; keep dry in winter.

Welsh Poppy (M. cambrica) is far easier to grow than many of its relatives and will spring up anywhere and everywhere. This is ok by us as we love the ferny foliage and vivid orange or yellow flowers.

5 to 8

Family: Papaveraceae

Type: Perennial

Height: 12 to 24 in.

Spread: 12 to 24 in.

Exposure: Full sun, part-shade

Soil Conditions: average

Bloom Time: June to September

Bloom Color: Yellow

Native Range: Europe

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