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Angelica pachycarpa

Angelica pachycarpa

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Shiny-leaved Angelica is an uncommon plant that is quite unlike its better-known relatives. The extremely glossy foliage grows into a perfect 3'x3' mound that makes it look almost unreal. Round buds open into stunning white flowers.

Again, unlike its relatives, this Angelica is a true perennial that will stick around the garden for at least a few years. It self-sows reliably, but the plant itself will live longer if you cut the stems back before seed set. Best grown on moisture-retentive soil in full sun or part shade.

Zones: 4 to 10

Family: Apiaceae

Type: Perennial

Height: 36 to 72 in.

Spread: 12 to 36 in.

Exposure: Full sun, part-shade

Soil Conditions: Moist, average

Bloom Time: July to September

Bloom Color: White

Native Range: Sources disagree on native range: some claim New Zealand, others claim Portugal and Spain. Either way, we are happy to grow this intriguing plant.

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